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Sagitta Cushion, Porcelain Blue

£185.00 GBP

In geometry, the sagitta of a circular arc is the distance from the center of the arc to the center of its base. While that sounds technical, this multipurpose fabric’s first impression is anything but. Aptly named for its recurrent peaks, Sagitta is a 100 percent cotton washable fabric that does double duty as upholstery and drapery—our partner fabric to Iter. Crafted from a sophisticated digital print, the subtleties behind the brushstrokes are both dynamic and soft.

Further Information:

Size: 57 x 57 cm (55 x 55 cm excluding Oxford edge)

Style: Oxford Edge

Insert: 60 x 60 cm

Cover front: 100% Cotton

Cover back: Matching

Filling: 88% White Duck Feather, 12% Duck Down

Cleaning: Cover is Washable 30C

Cushion covers are fitted with an invisible zip

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