Melinda Marquardt sitting surrounded by her textiles on a beautiful sofa


Every The Vale London product is an effortless blend of traditional and modern, masculine and feminine, sophisticated and edgy—an accurate reflection of its founder: American-born, London-bred, global-minded, Melinda Marquardt.

After working in the home textile world for a decade, Melinda noticed a lot of similarities across a multitude of brands in terms of colour, design and quality. Thus, The Vale was founded out of a love for individuality, fine art and a passion for unique and luxurious home goods. The Vale’s exquisite textiles start as hand-rendered, original works of art. Each print and pattern show the hand of the artist, and beckon admirers to inch in closer to discover intricate and sharp detail uniquely informed by Melinda’s formal training in the arts.

Many patterns are reflective of the interiors of London townhomes where Melinda grew up, evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort, of storied traditions and nods to classic luxury. And each Vale collection’s namesake is an area of London explored by Melinda as a child or discovered as an adult.

While The Vale’s collections and monikers share a deep sense of home, many of the prints and patterns are inspired by global travels. A sense of wonder and curiosity is evident in each collection, offering viewers a glimpse of faraway lands and age-old artisanship. One print will transport you to the flora-filled jungles of Panama, while another takes you on a safari in Tanzania. The influence and blend of global, artisanal traditions is important to Marquardt—and apparent within each collection. From Venetian marbling to West African mud painting, all art forms are celebrated and serve as inspiration. The result? The Vale’s collections can be playful and full of surprise or tempered and traditional. It’s the contradiction of classic design paired with modern interpretations that makes The Vale so special.

In addition to being a trained artist and globetrotter extraordinaire, Melinda spent nearly a decade with Fabricut in the United States, Europe and Russia, gaining insight into the quality required to gain consumer confidence and build a long-lasting, reputable brand. Melinda’s genuine love for people and the planet informs a brand ethos that continuously strives to partner with suppliers that are focused on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. And quality is of utmost importance to the integrity of the brand. With a focus on the latest technologies in printing, weaving and embroidery techniques. The Vale has cultivated incredible partnerships with the finest mills worldwide to produce truly unique and stunning pieces for the home.

And now, The Vale is proud to introduce The Vale Home—the brand's first foray into online retail. We're kicking things off with our gorgeous cushions and bolsters, but expect more in the months to come!